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- Never a wrong gift -

FamiGR.com makes it easy! Update your list through from any Internet device and use our "autofill" function to add items with a few clicks (only works with participating stores).

When it comes time to choose a gift for someone in your family, just check their list for ideas. Buy something from there or just use it as inspiration!

Click the video to see a demo
- Never a duplicate gift -
FamiGR.com allows anyone to secretly "claim" a gift. If another user tries to see its details, they'll be warned of the "claim" first!
- No spoiled surprises -
Any items or comments added to your list are hidden from you by default! Your family and friends can discuss your list or add their own items all without giving away the surprise!

First and last name

The only reason we ask for a first and last name is so that other users of the site can recognize you. If you want to use this site as a gift registry for your friends/family, you want to choose a name that they would know, but we don't mind if you use a nickname or something entirely made-up. Your privacy comes first.

Email address

Both primary functions of this site, soliciting low prices and gift registry actions, require that you receive notices when there's activity that you want to know about. That, and we have no other way of identifying you for login besides "usernames" which people always forget. So email it is!

WARNING! - Outlook.com (Hotmail/MSN) email accounts are unable to properly receive e-mails from our site at this time.

We are working with Microsoft on the issue, but until it's resolved we strongly recommend using a different e-mail service.


Of course we require a password, but we'd like to take a moment to stress how foolish many websites have become recently. They they use complex restrictions such as specifying a narrow length range or specific patterns or allowable characters.... all acts that lower your password security. It's mind boggling.

On this site, your password choice is largely up to you. For security reasons, we have some restrictions (five character minimum), but almost no one will be affected by them so just do what you'd normally do (though you may want to check out our passwords tips and tricks article first).

Birth month and week

Because birthday information can be sensitive in nature so we only ask for the month and week. If you choose to enter it, our system can remind your friends of your upcoming birthday.